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Welcome to The Paisley Cemetery Company Limited
Main Entrance
The Paisley Cemetery Company Ltd. owns and operates the Woodside Cemetery and Crematorium.

Cemetery records go back to 1845 and cremation records to 1938.

Paisley Woodside Cemetery was laid out in 1845 to a design drawn up by Stewart Murray, curator of Glasgow Botanic gardens.
Situated on a low hill-top position between Woodside House and Ferguslie House, the ‘garden cemetery’ extended to just over 20 acres and incorporated the recently built Martyr’s Church and the adjacent Covenanter Martyrs Memorial.

Murray’s design was inspired by the earlier garden cemetery at Glasgow Necropolis 1832, which also took its inspiration from Père la Chaise, the first hill-top garden cemetery, in Paris, laid out in 1804 by Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart.

See The Garden History Society ~ in Scotland, for more information.
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